How to clean the inside of a windshield

How to clean the inside of a windshield

For today’s cleaning lesson I will go over how to clean the inside of a windshield. Cleaning the windshield of your car regularly is very important because it helps to give you a clear and unobstructed view of the road while driving. The windshield of your car should always be 100% clear, and give you an accurate image of the path ahead. A slight blurred mark here, or some grease marks there can make situations very risky for you while driving.

Windshields are prone to dust, dirt, fingerprint marks, smog, smoke and other contaminants. The chemicals trapped inside a car can also cause some smudges on the windshields, thereby requiring them to be cleaned regularly. Mostly, we all just gently wipe the outer portion of the windshields with a clean cloth, but don’t give the same importance to cleaning the inside of a windshield.

Off-gassing is one of the reasons why the windshields of your car can get dirty soon. This is the process when the oils released by the vinyl and plastic elements of the car evaporate and settle on the windshields. More often than not, these evaporated oil residues are the main culprits for dirty interiors of the windshields.

How to clean the inside of a windshield

In this article, let’s see some easy and practical tips that you can follow every day to wipe away the slightest of marks on the insides of your windshields, and keep them crystal clear always.

Supplies you will need for cleaning

You can clean the inside of your car’s windshield easily once you invest in some necessary supplies like the following:

  • A soft & clean cloth (preferably microfiber rags)
  • Spray bottle (for easy application, and if you don’t have microfiber rags)
  • Solution for glass cleaning (use any store-bought glass cleaner brand)
  • Distilled White Vinegar
  • Rubbing Alcohol

Steps for cleaning the inside of a windshield

  • Make a DIY windshield-cleaning solution using either of the following combinations:
    • Equal parts of rubbing alcohol & water, and 5 to 6 tablespoons of distilled white vinegar
    • Water (70%), glass cleaner of any brand (15%) and rubbing alcohol (15%)
  • Pour this solution into a spray bottle. You can also pour it directly on a microfiber cloth and use it for cleaning.
  • Make yourself comfortable by getting into the passenger seat of your car.
  • First, use a clean & soft microfiber cloth to wipe the windshield. Get rid of the dust & dirt accumulated there, before you proceed to clean it.
  • Pour some rubbing alcohol or a magic eraser on another clean rag, and wipe it down the windshield thoroughly to get rid of the grease marks, if any. If you live near the beach, salt from the beach waters can also settle on the insides of your windshield, if you don’t clean it regularly. In this case, you can pour some white vinegar on a clean rag and wipe down the windshield. The acidic properties of the vinegar will help in dissolving the salt particles.
  • Pour some glass cleaner solution on a clean rag, and wipe the windshield thoroughly in circular motions. Make sure you use solutions that are exclusively designed for automobiles. Read the label thoroughly to buy only non-ammonia glass cleaners for your windshields.
  • Keep cleaning every single part of the windshield in circular motions. If the rag gets dirty, replace it with a new one.
  • Now wipe the windshields with a clean rag in quick, upward-downward motions.
  • Allow the windows to dry completely. This way, there won’t be any streak marks on the windshield, after you have finished cleaning them.

Some generic tips

  • Always use soft microfiber rags to clean the inside of a windshield. Using hard rags or paper towels can lead to scratches or streaks on the glass. Replacing the glass would be a costly affair; hence, it is good to tread with caution while cleaning your windshield.
  • Always use a new microfiber cloth for cleaning the inside of a windshield. Even if you have used the rag for another purpose and cleaned it thoroughly, don’t use it for windshields. When cleaning glass items like windshields, you should be careful about the rag or cloth you use to wipe them. Even if you use the best brand of glass cleaner available in the market, it won’t solve any purpose if you use the wrong type of microfiber cloth for cleaning.
  • After cleaning the windshield, it is very important to use a dry microfiber cloth or newspaper to wipe it completely and allow it to dry thoroughly. Moisture marks, or residues from cleaning solutions on the windshield can hamper the safety coatings already present on the glass.
  • Always use a rag to spray the cleaning solution, and then use the rag to wipe the windshield in circular motions. Never make the mistake of spraying the cleaner directly on the windshield. This will not remove the dust and smudge marks; instead, it will only circulate these marks all over the glass. Spraying chemicals directly on the glass can also cause streak marks and patches, thereby disrupting your view when driving.
  • Always clean in circular motions, as this will remove the dirt on the windshield. Once you are sure that all dirt particles have been removed, proceed to clean in upward-downward motions. This movement will prevent streak formations on the glass.
  • When you have set apart a day for cleaning your car, always include windshield cleaning as the last part of this routine. Make sure that the exterior parts of the car are absolutely clean before you proceed to this step.
  • When the glass cleaning solution evaporates quickly, you cannot clean the windshield’s interiors properly. So, it is highly recommended that you start this cleaning routine in the evenings, or when the temperatures are slightly cool.
  • As far as possible, always park your car in closed or sheltered locations. When the conditions are good, it is a good idea to keep your car windows open. The fresh air not only offsets the heating inside your car, but it also allows the off-gassing, evaporated air to move out of the car, instead of settling on the windshields.

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