How to get hair dye off the skin


How to get hair dye off the skin


In this article we will talk about How to get hair dye off the skin. While dyeing your hair makes you look young and glowing, it can cause some irritating stains on your face and skin. Even if you use gloves and a proper hairbrush to apply hair dye, some of the chemicals still stain your skin. If you use hair dyes regularly, you might already be aware of the fact that these stains are not very easy to remove. Have you tried many methods to get rid of these hair dye stains, but in vain? Here are some time-tested tricks that will help you bid goodbye to hair dye stains off your skin forever.

  • Simple cleaning using soap & water

Here is a disclaimer – this method will work only when you clean the hair dye stains from your face and skin before it dries off. When the stains are still wet, you can wash your face well with soap & water. However, when the stains have dried up, or if you notice the stains after a long time of applying the hair dye, you may have to resort to some stronger cleaning methods from the options listed here.

  • Olive oil and warm water

It is quite natural for you to be worried when you notice hair dye stains on your face, especially if you have sensitive skin. However, with a little bit of olive oil, you can solve this issue easily. Apply a few drops of olive oil on the areas of your face and skin where you notice hair dye stains. Let the oil remain there for about 8 hours (especially if the stains are very dry). After 8 hours, wash off these oily areas with warm water, and you will notice that your stains have vanished completely.

  • Using alcohol

Pour a few drops of alcohol on a cotton ball. Gently rub the cotton ball over the areas on your skin with hair dye stains. The chemical properties of alcohol are strong enough to remove tough and dry stains from your skin completely. However, you have to remember two important points when using alcohol for cleaning hair dye stains. Firstly, you shouldn’t try this method if you have dry or sensitive skin. Secondly, after wiping off the stains with alcohol, make sure to wash your skin thoroughly with soap and warm water.

  • Using toothpaste

Tubes of toothpaste (especially the non-gel ones) are quite effective in getting rid of hair dye stains off your skin. Quite surprising, isn’t it? All you need to do is rub a small quantity of toothpaste on the stain marks. Let the paste remain there for about 10 to 30 minutes, depending on how dry the stains are. Soak a clean cloth in warm water to wipe off the toothpaste after 10 to 30 minutes. Your skin is now stain-free and glowing!

  • Using nail polish remover

Nail polish removers have alcohol content in them. So, they can be used to remove hair dye stains from your hands. You should avoid using this on your face if you have sensitive skin. Rub a cotton ball dipped in nail polish remover over your hands for a few minutes. The stains will start reducing gradually. After all the stains have come off, remember to wash your hands with warm water and soap.

  • Using baking soda

Make a paste using equal amounts of water and baking soda. Apply this paste to the places where you find hair stains. Massage in a circular motion for a few minutes and wash off using warm or cold water.

  • Using glass cleaning liquid

Did you know that the liquid you used to clean your glass doors and windows can also help to get rid of your hair dye stains from your hands? Glass cleaning liquids have ammonia, which is quite effective in cleaning the stains left behind by hair color. However, due to the strong chemical components found in these cleaning liquids, it is highly recommended to resort to this method only for cleaning the stains on your hands and not for the ones on your face.

  • Petroleum Jelly

One of the easiest ways to get rid of hair dye stains on your skin is to use petroleum jelly. If you have a small box of Vaseline in your home, it can come in handy when it comes to cleaning tough hair dye stains. Rub a small amount of petroleum jelly on the stained areas and massage well for a few minutes. The dye marks begin to come off slowly. Wash your stains with a damp cloth to remove traces of the oily petroleum jelly.

  • Getting professional help

If none of these methods works in cleaning hair dye stains off your skin, the last resort is to visit a professional stylist to clean these marks. A stylist may use glycolic peels to get rid of the stains successfully. The exfoliating characteristics of these peels help to fight even the tough stains that couldn’t be removed by using simple ingredients at home. The professional color removers that stylists use are in line with your skin’s type. So, you don’t have to worry about these products causing any sensitivity or allergies to your skin.

Prevention is better than cure!

As you can see from the above steps, cleaning hair dye stains from your skin is not a very easy task. So, the best way to save yourself from this task is to be extra careful when applying hair color. Here are some preventive tips you can follow to avoid hair dye forming stains on your skin and hands:

  • Always wear good-quality gloves when applying hair dye
  • Always apply a generous layer of moisturizer or petroleum jelly on your hairline before you start applying the hair dye; coconut oil, shea butter and linseed oil also work well as barrier cream options
  • Keep an eye on the stain marks, so that you can clean them off as soon as the color falls on your skin; the damper the stains, the easier it is to clean them


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