How to get Tomato Sauce out of Clothes

How to get Tomato Sauce out of Clothes

Here we will go over how to get tomato sauce out of your clothes. Does your kid love spaghetti? Well, wait until some sauce falls on his shirt, and it is not so enjoyable, after all! If you think that clothes stained with tomato sauce are meant to be thrown in the trash, you are badly mistaken. Using the right ingredients in the methods we have discussed below can help you get rid of tomato sauce out of your clothes quickly and easily! The good news is that you can follow these methods to get rid of settled-in and dry sauce stains as well. Does it sound too good to be true? Follow these steps, and you will know that they can work like magic on your clothes.

Using water and liquid detergent

The simplest method to get rid of fresh tomato sauce stains on clothes is to use cold water and liquid detergent/dish soap. Here are the steps you should follow for this method:

  • Use the blunt edge of a knife, a spoon, or the edges of an old credit card to scrape off the extra tomato sauce marks on the clothes. Try to lift away the marks as much as possible, as this will make the cleaning process easier than you imagined. Never rub the stains on the clothes before washing, as this may lead to the stains spreading to other parts of the garment.
  • Run the back of the stains under cold water for about 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure not to flush the front of the stains, as this may cause the tomato sauce marks to enter deeply into the garments.
  • Spray or pour some liquid detergent or dish soap directly on the stains. Rub the stains well using your fingers, or with a toothbrush. Let the detergent sit on the stains for 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the extent of the stains.
  • Rinse thoroughly to see if the stains have gone completely. The fresh stains would have gone by now. If you still spot some stains on the garment, you can apply some more liquid detergent or dish soap and repeat the process. If the stains don’t go even after using liquid detergent for 3 times, you can proceed to the next step.
  • After pouring detergent or dish soap on the stains, you can also add some bleaching agent and rub them on the stains. This bleaching agent can be hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice or white vinegar. If you find tomato sauce stains on your white garments, you can use lemon juice instead of the other bleaching agents.
  • Rinse well and you will notice that the stains have gone completely. For slight stain marks that you still notice, you can use a stain remover gel or stick.
  • Wash the clothes as per their normal wash cycle, and you can get back your clothes as fresh as new.

Using cold water, ice cubes and vinegar

This method works well, especially if you want to remove the set-in tomato sauce stains.

  • Run the back of the stains under cold water for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Pour some liquid detergent on the stains and rub well with your fingers or a toothbrush. Let the detergent settle here for 15 minutes.
  • Place an ice cube over the stains, and rub it well for a minute until the ice cube has nicely penetrated the stain marks.
  • Use a soft, clean and white cloth to blot the stains gently. Keep blotting until you can lift as much of the stain as possible.
  • For stubborn stains, you can spray a few drops of white vinegar on them
  • Keep blotting with a fresh cloth until the stains have gone completely.
  • Wash the clothes as per their regular wash cycle.

Using baking soda and salt

This method works very well for slight tomato stain marks. It may not be very effective for large or set-in stains.

  • Mix equal parts of baking soda and salt in a bowl. Add some water to this, and make a paste.
  • Apply this paste on the stain marks on the garments, and allow it to settle for about 15 minutes. Rub the paste well on the stains before allowing them to settle.
  • Scrape off the paste using a toothbrush to see that the stains have gone completely.
  • You can wash the garment as per its usual wash cycle, and the stains (if they are light) would have gone completely.

Some generic tips to keep in mind

Here are some generic tips that you keep in mind when getting rid of tomato sauce stains from clothes.

  • It is highly recommended that you act on the tomato sauce stains as soon as they fall on your clothes. Fresh stains are not only easy to remove, but they also require very little effort from you.
  • Irrespective of the method you choose to get rid of the tomato sauce stains, the first step always involves blotting the stains with a paper towel or napkin. Gently blot the stains to wipe away the excess sauce stains. During this process, you should never rub the stains. By doing this, you can cause more harm than good by letting the stains deepen in the fabric.
  • Always place the back of the stains under running water. This will ensure that the stains will be pushed out of the clothes. When you show the inside of the stains under running water, it will cause the stains to penetrate further into the fabric.
  • Always use cold water only for washing tomato sauce stains. Never use hot water for cleaning tomato-based stains.
  • When using bleaching agents, use only mild varieties like vinegar, lime juice, and the like. Test these agents on a small part of the garment to see if there is any damage.
  • When washing the clothes after treating the stains, always use the usual wash cycle only. Never use the quick wash method.
  • Wash the stained clothes separately to ensure that the colors from other clothes don’t get transferred to these, causing new stains.
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